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Cubes International Developers is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Cubes International Developers focuses on building premium Residences, apartments, hotels and resorts. Its based on a concept - design build format that integrates architecture design as well as construction. Being an ISO certified firm providing high quality services is our responsibility.
We recognize clients have a lot of choice in this marketplace for construction services. Our desire is to be a client's first choice for projects that are challenging and require "out of the box" thinking. The key to creating and sustaining a high-performing team that delivers consistently over the long term is to create the right cultural foundation
Our culture revolves around understanding our client's needs, proactively working together and leveraging our shared experiences for the benefit of our projects. Safety on construction sites is of the utmost importance to us. We believe strongly in continuous improvement in all areas of the business. This approach creates a rewarding and inclusive environment for all project stakeholders, as well as high-performing teams over the long-term.

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Understand & Deliver

We will actively listen to our clients, clearly understand expectations and deliver on our commitments.

Passionate About What We Do

We focus on the positive, we are solutions-oriented and take pride in our work. We strive for the best.

Embrace & Encourage Learning

We welcome challenges. We take initiative, learn from mistakes, try new approaches and take risk. We coach our younger staff and consult senior staff for advice.

Together We Succeed

We success as a team with all of our business partners including clients, consultants, trade contractors and suppliers. We work as teams with shared interests. We recognize team accomplishments.

Celebrate & Appreciate

We acknowledge contributions by all team members, we take time to celebrate and thank those who invest time and effort into our projects. We give credit where credit is due.

Proactive Communication

We ask questions when things are not clear, we offer solutions, we are real - sharing good and bad news. We pick up the phone to talk. We forecast to the extent possible.

Empowered Through Ownership

We take ownership, admit mistakes, delegate and follow-up. We set clear objectives and provide guidance.


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